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21 Casino! The popular slot where you get a bonus is based on the even more popular movie series about the teddy bear, all but child-friendly. Fans can enjoy playing a little extra in the Jack & the Beanstalk slot without having a bad conscience, as every spin increases on the chance to get up to the level and be able to pick out more bonus money. Be sure to get a generous bonus of 21 free hit after registration, you too!

A Popular Castle That Doubles Up

One should remember that loyalty points are different from the winnings in the slot, which means that if you play Ted, you will not lose anything about prize money, you will only get them seasoned with points. Each game round doubles the loyalty points, and it's not very hard to stay in the game, which not only has great graphics but also a soundtrack with comments from Ted himself.

A Loyalty Program Worth Money

The more points you collect, the more bonuses you can pick out, that's the basis of many VIP programs in the casino world, and the one at 21 Casino is no exception. Once you have scrapped 10,000 points you can start replacing them against bonus amounts. If you start directly at 10,000 you will receive $ 50 in bonus into the account. Of course, you can also wait to replace them until you have collected twice, or maybe even triple, in total. Anyone can be included in the program, no invitation is required from the casino or so, just to be diligent in playing and be sure to spend some extra time at the castles, that's where most points hiding.

A Casino On The Rise

21 Casino has been around for a while, but in recent years the casino has really gotten a lift. It's a great website with good user friendliness and function, which easily grasps the gameplay by ranking the games either by popularity, by genre, by manufacturer or by RTP. The latter is quite unusual for a casino, perhaps because they do not want players to know which games pay the most money, but 21 Casino has chosen to resist the current here and for that we are grateful.

A First Bonus That Lasts Infinity

The first and only welcome bonus 21 Casino delivers is associated with the casino's name. You get a match of 121% when you deposit money for the first time, and that match is no thanks. One would technically be able to deposit one million on the account and get one million in bonus amount, but then one's bank would probably recommend. This lack of upper limit naturally attracts many great players, who like to sit at a live table or in front of a castle at 21 Casino.

All The Best Money Transfer Methods

It is equally important that an online casino has good opportunities for deposits and withdrawals as it is having good game developers on the site, and luckily 21 Casino has collected some of the biggest and best transfer methods on its part. You can choose to deposit by card such as Mastercard or VISA, you can use an e-wallet or make a direct transfer via its internet bank using Trustly. All of these are safe and encrypted, of course.

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