30% Extra Money Bonus at BG Room

BG room online casino is primarily a backgammon game based online casino that offers some of the best backgammon games to the casino players. This online casino website is concise and the casino players can find to-the-point elements here. Not many casino games can be found here and the promotional offers are also limited in comparison to the other casino websites. It does offer the players to practice the games first before playing for real money. It also offers a deposit bonus offer to the casino players which can offer a good start to the casino players when they play games here. We are here to tell you about the first deposit bonus offer here.

BG room online casino offers 30% extra cash when the casino players deposit money for the first time here. If you wish to grab this casino offer then the casino fans need to join this casino website. Then they can make a deposit in their real money casino account. The minimum deposit that the players need to make to gain this bonus is $20 and the maximum can be $100. The players are able to gain 30% extra of the deposited amount of money that the players make in the casino account. This is the free cash that can be gained using the bonus code of FIRST30. There are couple of terms and conditions with this bonus.

The players must play 30 Real Money mode casino games to gain the bonus money. Then the players must play 50 Real money casino games in order for the bonus to be redeemable from the Real money account. Only one bonus per household is issued to the casino players hence no two members from the same house can get this bonus. This condition may seem weird but these are the terms and conditions in order to gain this casino bonus. If it is found that any form of abuse or illegal means is followed to get the bonus then the casino may cancel the bonus and delete your account altogether.

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