$10,000 fishmarket tournament at Red Kings

Red Kings online casino is one of the modern online casino website where the players can get latest options available on the casino websites. Here the players can play in download and instant mode. The players can also play the games in Windows or Apple devices. Here the online casino players get to play casino games in the best interface and they also get amazing casino promotional offers. These bonuses and offers are one of a kind and the players can change the tables using these bonuses. One of these bonuses is $10000 fishmarket tournaments. Now, $10000 is a lot of money hence playing in this tournament can really do you lot good. Let us know more about it.

The players can join this casino today and then they have to make a deposit. The players can get a free entry in this tournament with $10+1 and then they can have a chance to win $10000 in one go. When the tournament is on and if you fortunately finish in the top 6 to 30 players then the players can get a free RedKings.com t-shirt. If they finish in the top 5 contestants then they can win free RedKings.com Cap. Not only this, Red Kings also offer another unique offer.

If you are knocked out of the tournament then you need not dishearten yourself. The casino offers a Worst Bad Beat offer according to which the players who have lost the tournament can send the casino their hand that had them knocked out. Then the team and the casino website will decide the worst hand out of those that they shall receive. The player with the worst hand can win $50-4 tournament ticket and then they play for it. The player that goes out on a bubble can win $50-4 tournament ticket and that same can be won by Bounty on RK_Bounty.

This tournament will begin in August 2015 hence the players must buy the tickets. There is more to this. If the players introduce a new depositor to the casino website then those players will also receive the ticket. The players need to send their player ID and Username to the casino website and if they are approved then they can add a ticket to your account. The players can claim all their rewards by contacting the customer services of Red Kings casino website.

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