High-Roller Bonus
Definitely, online casinos are eager to tempt those players who want to invest huge part of their bankroll in the online casino industry. These gamers are known as High-stake rollers. They are rewarded with big amount of money by the casino for depositing and playing at the online casinos. Mostly this sort of casino bonus is only given to those players who deposit large amount of money when signing up at the online casino. High-stake rollers are the wealthy casino players who want to have great payout ratio and better odds of winning in the game. Such casino players are treated like VIP by the casino and enjoy the privileges which the other casino players do not get. Gamers with high-roller bonuses also enjoy fast withdrawal of their winning amount. High rollers also take benefit of VIP Programs, unique promotions and many other bonuses in order to make their stay at the casino enjoyable and worthwhile.

Types of High-roller bonus

Players can find mostly two types of high-roller bonuses, one is a Cashable High Roller Bonus and other is a Sticky High Roller Bonus. The Cashable High-roller bonus is given to those players who meet the betting requirements fixed by the online casino. Sticky High roller bonuses are those exciting bonuses which can be utilized to place wagers on a casino game and the gamer can keep the winning amount he receive from using this sort of casino bonus.

Wagering Requirements for High-rollers

Wagering needs for high rollers are six figures or perhaps more. Only the wealthiest casinos manage to host such high wagering casino games. Poorer online casinos risk to come to be broke in a couple of days if they run into fortunate high-stakes rollers. There have been circumstances when a high-stake player gains $10 and even $20 million in one single night. Some casino sites object the accomplishment but a lot of them have to pay the money. To be a high-stakes player you require a minimum of $100.000 in money to possibly burn at one table. $10.000 hands are rather common.

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