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It's time to welcome the new Vegas Casino. This is a casino that takes the online game into the next evolutionary era. By investing heavily on payment via BitCoins, they take away many barriers and conflicts that could otherwise pave the way for grand gaming. However, you can only enjoy these benefits if you completely enter the world of BitCoin and are totally playing with them. Then you have to go through the entire switching process first and actually trust BitCoins as a stable currency - which has not yet been accepted by large parts of the world's financial institutions.


The most distinctive welcome bonus is the one who meets one on the front page. Here, as a new player, you are promised 100% of the deposit up to 1000 mBTC. To write 1000 mBTC, on the other hand, is a bit silly, since 'm' before 'BTC' stands for the milli - ie one thousandths. And 1000 thousandths are equal to 1. So what they promise is thus 1 BitCoin in the welcome bonus. However, it does not sound as much as when you can write 1000 mBCT. For those who totally lack references about the value of a BitCoin, on the other hand, a BitCoin amounts to around 8800 SEK. So there's a lot of money to play for no matter how to write it.

Other offers or promotions

As a follow-up to the Welcome Bonus, there is a Second Deposit Bonus which means you receive 50% in bonus up to 1 BTC. That is, if you deposit 17,600 SEK in BitCoins, you will get another 8 800 SEK in BitCoins to play for (ie insert 2 BTC, you will receive 1 BTC to play for). So we're talking about quite large sums here too. Vegas Casino then plans with a constant bonus that runs on every deposit you make - with a maximum of 5 deposits / day. This is Bitcoin Reload Bonus and means you get up to 25% if you deposit 1 BitCoin. This bonus will enter after you have used the first and second deposit bonus. Thus 25% is 250 mBTC, which in our currency amounts to around 2200kr.

VIP membership

Vegas Casino's VIP membership attracts everything from the download pizza sent home to you to a new Ferrari. As a VIP member you get over 10 BTC each month and bigger bonuses than otherwise. You will be specially treated by the support team and all you can imagine.

And how do you become a VIP member?

Not the pitiful thing ... they do not say that. Not in other words than: You know when you are, because we tell you. A little diffuse. Feels a bit like a Christian who speaks of the kingdom of Heaven. No one has been there but everyone has a picture of how it should be and the clergy is attracted to it for going to church every Sunday.

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