Common Types of Horse Racing
Horse racing is a sport of running horses. It includes two or more horses that will be driven by a jockey. These jockeys will be riding horses over a set distance for competition. The whole point is to come out on top. Most bettors fail to understand different types of horse racing and events. That’s why we have decided to list down different types of horseracing so that the fans understand. Just like online casinos, there are plenty of them but all fall under online casino games. Here are different types of horse racing.

Flat Racing

Flat racing is one of the most popular types of horse racing. They are run on flat levelled surfaces. There are no hurdles or any form of obstacles in the race. Thus race is between 1-3 miles. In some places, it is referred to as conditions racing and handicap racing.

Jump Racing

Jump racing also known as National Hunt is a type of horse racing where horses will be going through obstacles in their race. Horses will be avoiding fences, ditches and different other forms of obstacles in their competition to win the race.

Endurance Racing

Just like the name, this type of horse racing is mainly to challenge horses over a longer period of time. The aim is to test endurance and how long they can stay on the track. It isn’t really popular as it takes a longer time. The longest race on record is the Mongol Derby, it stretches up to 1000 km

Stakes Racing

This is one of the higher levels of horse racing and it features a huge price in cash and is common in best online sports betting sites. When a horse has proven itself it can now participate in stakes events which are the major ones. This is where the best jockeys, trainers, and horses are found to show just how good they are.

Harness Racing

This is one of the difficult and unique horse racing types. The horses are not just carrying its weight and that of the jockey but the horse will be pulling a sulky. The point is for it to pace at the set speed without having to break strides.
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