First Deposit Bonus

Casino websites are the platforms which are available online for those who wish to play casino games from their homes. The online casino is available on the web and the casino operators offer different types of online casino bonuses to attract more players on their websites. One of these casino bonuses is the first deposit bonus. First deposit bonus is offered to the players when the players deposit money in the casino account for the very first time after they have joined the online casino. In the following articles, you will read about first deposit bonus in detail.

First deposit bonus is the extra amount of money that the online casino players get when they first deposit money in the casino account. This extra bit is generally a certain percentage of the money that the casino players deposit. Lets explain this with an illustration. On most of the online casinos, you can see that they offer 100% up to the deposit amount. This deposit amount may vary from casino to casino. If the first deposit bonus is 100% up to $100 then it means that the players will get an extra $100 when they deposit $100. If the first deposit bonus is 200% up to $100 then the players shall get $200 extra for depositing $100.

The online casinos are quite smart with numbers and percentages. Hence the players must do their calculations first if they are going for this casino bonus. The mentioned amount is the highest amount that the casino will offer to the players. In case the players deposit higher amount than the given amount, for example, if the first deposit bonus is 100% up to $100 and the players deposit $200 then also the players shall get only $100 extra money and the $200 will not be doubled as some might assume looking at the 100% bonus. The players need to be careful about these bonuses especially the rookie players.

Another thing that the online casino players need to know is that the first deposit bonus is not offered in full bulk amount to the casino players. The casinos make sure to get loyalty of the players. This extra money is offered piece by piece and the players might have to play a certain number of games or hands in order to get the complete bonus. The players must read all the terms and conditions before accepting any bonus.

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