Free Play Casino Bonus

Free play bonus is a new online casino bonus that is offered to attract more players to the casino websites and surely it is succeeding in doing so. The players get this amazing opportunity to play games for absolutely free on the online casino websites without having to deposit any money. This is the fun of free play bonus that is offered on mainly the Microgaming software based online casino website. It seems all good about free play bonus but like all other casino bonuses, there are couple of catches with this casino bonus as well. Let us discuss free play bonus in detail.

Free play bonus is exactly what its name suggests. The players are allowed to play for free. This free play usually lasts for about an hour on most of the online casino websites. The players play using the house’s resources, the games, the money and time. Free play bonus may be applicable to specific games but mostly it allows the players to play any games. An initial balance is offered to the players which could be, lets say, $500 or $1000. The players play the games for the limited time and any winnings that they win during this time period are entirely for the players. But here is the catch. The players can’t cash it out just yet.

The players can only cash out the winnings when they make a deposit in the real money casino account. The minimum deposit amount may be $20 and after depositing this money, the players will be able to cash out the casino winnings. There is another catch here as well. Lets understand it with another illustration. If your initial balance, which was offered by the casino, was $500 and you are able to make it up to $700 then you are in no position to cash $700. The extra money that the players have earned over the initial amount is considered as the winnings of the players. In this case, the players shall be able to cash out $200.

For free play bonus, the players must first be prepared and must decide beforehand about the games that they shall be picking up to play during this time. The games with better payouts must be chosen. Free play bonus works best with those games in which the players can win huge amount of money with heavy and less bets in short duration of time.

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